Scosche’s Power Bank Puts 4,000 mAh Of Juice On The Back Of Your Phone

Folks. We got news for you. Considering how many things a smartphone can do, battery life is still a woe we have live with. The obvious solution is to grab an external battery and today, the market is certainly not lacking of such “smartphone life-saver.” However, you will have to prepare to put with a …

Scosche Supports National Breast Cancer Foundation with Hot goPINK for Hope Collection

Like Apple’s (Product)Red, consumer electronics and accessories maker Scosche’s goPINK for Hope collection brings together the company’s best-selling audio products and accessories, splashed them in bright and vibrant shade of pink to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. Pink, if you don’t already know, is the internationally recognized color for breast cancer awareness. From …

Scosche Launches Portable Backup Battery That’s Almost Indestructible

We never thought a portable battery will fail us, but in reality, it will if exposed to extreme elements and drops. The solution? Ruggedized it, of course, such as what Scosche did with its latest backup battery, which the company calls goBAT 6000 Rugged Portable Backup Battery. As far as toughness is concerned, Scosche did …

Scosche boomBOTTLE+ Puts Out 360-deg Sound Through 55mm Drivers, in the Same Bicycle Cage-friendly Size

You can’t drink from Scosche boomBOTTLE+ (plus) Portable Bluetooth Speakers, but it will provide you with 360-degree immersive sounds as you pedal away. Noticed the ‘+’? That means it is the new iteration of boomBOTTLE, made famous with its ability to fit right into the cage of your bicycle, thus saving you the hassle of …

Scosche RH656M Digital Camo On-Ear Headphones

while man icons such as camouflage does not readily connects with headphones, it doesn’t make the Scosche RH656M Digital Camo On-Ear Headphones any less man-desirable. basically what happens here is, Scosche decided to take their popular RH656N reference grade audio cans and give it a splash of digital

Scosche RH1060 Reference Grade Bluetooth Headphones

looking for a pair of reference grade headphones without busting your bank account? well, then the Scosche RH1060 Reference Grade Bluetooth Headphones might be worthy of your investigation. first announced at the 2013 International CES earlier this year, the RH1060 audio performance is delivered via 40mm

Scosche boomBOTTLE Rugged Wireless Speaker

to say that portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen seems appropriate but we can’t say the same for one that’s specifically designed with cycling in mind. instead offering fancy clamps and other mounting contraptions to the speaker hooked to your ride, the Scosche boomBOTTLE Rugged Wireless Speaker