being a long time gadget users, i have used a myriad of screen protectors and to be honest, i don’t swear by them. i always think the best screen protector is without one – that’s until glass protector comes along. it may sound completely ridiculous to be purchasing a piece of glass to protect the device’s glass display, but let me reassure you that you will be completely hooked once you start using them. speaking of glass screen protector, if you haven’t start using it, here’s a new entrant from Designed by m, the same company behind the super cool AL13 aluminum bumper for iPhone, known as the mPact Glass Screen Protector for iPad Air and iPhone, for your consideration. it took Designed by m one year and countless design revisions to arrive to the mPact you see here today.

each piece of mPact Glass Screen Protector is treated to be heat and pressure resistant that ensure it will not warp when exposed to warm temperatures and will be capable of withstanding heavy objects. the protector is completely antibacterial and a shatterproof film coating adds an extra layer of protection so that in the event of a breakage, there won’t be any sharp edges that could endanger the user. other details include an Oleophobic treatment to repel oil and minimizes smudges for easier cleaning, anti-glare and UV coating for easy viewing – even under direct sunlight, bubble-free application process, industrial strength adhesive that is strong and yet leaves no residue, and last but not the least, it has chamfered edges to match the design aesthetic of your device and gives it a ‘smoother’ feel at the edge which would otherwise be particularly pronounced. i suppose it also helps in reducing snagging issue that non-chamfered edges has (sharp edges tend to snag on fabric, sometime even pulling out a few strands of fiber with it – true story).

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the mPact Glass Screen Protector is available now with a sticker ranging between $29.99-$59.99, and is available for iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5/5s, as well as iPhone 5c. no doubt a whole lot pricer than a regular screen protector, but it all comes down to whether you prefer to be touching and swiping on a glass or plastic. your choice.

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