Razer Arctech iPhone Case Gets All Science-sy With New Thermal Cooling Tech

Already swoon over by the new iPhone 11? Well, then it is time to think about protection for your upcoming precious gadget and perhaps, even how to mitigate the inevitable heat issue – especially when gaming furiously which you probably would be doing given how capable iPhone 11 is for mobile gaming.

This Revolutionary Screen Protector Will Save Your Eyes

We don’t usually talk about screen protector, but here’s one that we thought every mobile phone users should be aware. It is called PURP by New Normal. What makes this screen protector stands out is, it will probably save your vision. How? Simple. By filtering out Blue light. Blue light, if you haven’t already heard, […]

Smart Glass Screen Protector Adds Buttons To iPhone That Apple Won’t

Whether it is hard key or soft key, Android always have three “buttons” at the bottom of the device so that users can easily go back a page, go straight to home, or pull out the task manager. iOS does not have this luxury and up to this point, Apple chose not to go the […]

Hyper Glass Screen Protector Puts Top “Buttons” Next to the Home Button

Smartphones are getting bigger, but our thumbs aren’t getting any longer for convenient reach. They will, perhaps many generations after, which we obviously don’t have the luxury of time to wait for that evolution to occur and besides, can you imagine humans with thumbs that are as long as the index finger? Ewww… gross and […]

Belkin Has a Gadget That Makes Application of Screen Protectors Easy Peasy… for Retailers

Screen protector is possibly the most bought accessory for smartphone and it is also the one accessory that’s easily the most irksome to apply. Bubbles, trapped dust and the eternal frustration of trying to get it aligned without the former two getting in the way is pure gold (in frustration). That’s why through the time […]

mPact Glass Screen Protector for iPad Air and iPhone

being a long time gadget users, i have used a myriad of screen protectors and to be honest, i don’t swear by them. i always think the best screen protector is without one – that’s until glass protector comes along. it may sound completely ridiculous to be purchasing a piece of glass to protect the device’s glass display, but let me reassure you

Kyocera Opal Protective Film for iPhone

looking to add some bling to your iPhone? why not go beyond the case and do the bling thing on the display as well? thanks to the Kyocera Opal Protective Film for iPhone, you can actually do that. no kidding. basically, what Kyocera did was to infuse the firm’s unique “Kyoto Opal” material into the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) protective film

GIVEAWAY: ZAGG Invisible Shield for iPad and iPhone 4/4S [CLOSED]

we can tolerate scratches anywhere on our iPad or iPhone except for one very sacred place: the beautiful Retina display. yeah, we know Gorilla Glass is awesome in offering more than reasonable protection against scratches on these devices but for the extra cautious bunch, they opt to use screen protectors for that…