You can personalized your phone with cases or skins. And those are pretty much it. But soon, you will be able to personalized the front, i.e. the screen, too. We are not talking about wallpaper or fancy Always On images. We are talking screen protector. Wait. Isn’t screen protector just a piece of glass? Well, not with Glassie.

Glassie Personalized Smartphone Screen Protector

Billed as the world’s first personalized screen protector, Glassie has image on the glass. Glassie uses a technology known “Phantom Printing” that allows it to print virtually anything onto the glass. The image is visible when the screen is all-black (i.e. off state) and it kind of magically disappear when the phone’s screen is on.

Now, that’s intriguing. Although how well it actually works remains to be seen (pun not intended). Although in video posted on Instagram, it does show it actually works, but the image appears to be rather faint. Then again, videos can hardly do justice when it comes screen-related matters.

Glassie Personalized Smartphone Screen Protector

As of now, Glassie is offering a few pre-made images and texts to choose from. New designs will be available in future, along with the possibility of custom images or texts.

As a screen protector, Glassie claims that the glass has 2x strength, edge-to-edge infinity protection, and antimicrobial coating that is said to eliminate 99.9% of surface germs.

Glassie Personalized Smartphone Screen Protector

Such fancy personalization does not come cheap. Each Glassie screen protector with pre-made images/texts will run you back at US$39 a piece.

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Glassie is taking pre-orders now, with shipping expect to commence in 2-3 weeks time.

Images: Glassie.

Source: the gadgeteer.

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