Screen protector is possibly the most bought accessory for smartphone and it is also the one accessory that’s easily the most irksome to apply. Bubbles, trapped dust and the eternal frustration of trying to get it aligned without the former two getting in the way is pure gold (in frustration). That’s why through the time of my gadget ownership, I will just leave it to the shop staff to apply it for me. At this point, leaving it to the ‘pros’ sure sounds like problem solved. Actually, it is. But tech accessories maker Belkin thinks they could make it even easier for the ‘pros’ with its first-of-the-kind screen care service kit called TrueClear Pro Advanced Application System.

The kit comprises of a purpose-designed applicator machine, TrueClear Pro Advanced machine, and select TrueClear screen protectors supply box. The latter contains everything you need for the job, including a work surface, cleaning supplies, screen protectors for the chosen smartphone model, and an applicator cradle. The machine, which is about the size of a small flatbed scanner, is completely manual. TrueClear Pro removes human error by tackling the two most ‘difficult’ part of the installation process: the alignment and the actual application. The former is addressed by matching the holes on the screen protector (Belkin’s, of course) with the pin on the applicator’s bed, while a sliding handle lets you apply the screen protector onto the device in one swift pull-push action.

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However, as efficient as it might sound, there is still much human touch required prior to using the machine, which includes making sure the device’s display is free from smudges and dust. If you ask me, that’s the another crucial part to the success of a beautifully applied device, which also depends very much on the environment you’re in. Obviously, dustier environment is not going to help much. That’s why it is always good to apply screen protector in an air-conditioned environment with no significant air movement.

Designed to work with the iPhone 4 up to the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 smartphones, the Belkin TrueClear Pro Advanced Application System is clearly targeted at retailers as a tool to boost the sale of Belkin’s TrueClear screen protectors. That said, if you are interested in getting one for your brick-and-mortar store, you can touch base with Belkin to find out more. Keep going for a video to see it in action.

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