iStation – multifunction iPad dock

iStation - multifunction iPad dock
(photos: M.I.C Gadget) iStation iPad Dock | US$85.90 |

if you are into making your iPad looking like something else other than an iPad, then good news for you. the $85.90 iStation from M.I.C Gadget will grant you that wish. according to its maker, the feature-laden iStation is a desktop stand that will make your iPad (or iPad 2) looks like the good’ol Apple I / II machine. honestly, i thought it look more like a typewriter to me. anyway, the iStation is offered in high density plywood construction with a choice of either Faux Woodgrain Surface with white keyboard or White Pearl Glossy finish with Black keyboard. aesthetic aside, the iStation boost a pair of stereo speakers with subwoofer, USB port and microSD slot for MP3 playback, removable Bluetooth keyboard, and dedicated hard buttons for music control, volume control, slideshow, just to name a few. Like any dutiful dock, it also charges your iPad or the Bluetooth keyboard via its USB port. User can also choose to send their favorite tunes to the iStation wireless via Bluetooth or wired, via its built-in 3.5mm audio jack. a few more look after the break.

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