TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

TDK Wireless Charging Speaker
TDK Wireless Charging Speaker | US$399.95 |

so you need a speaker for your mobile devices? how about getting one that could juice up your mobile devices such as iPhone or iPod – wirelessly just by leaving them on top of it (the speaker)? sound great? then, the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker is just the speaker for you. equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 technology with AAC, the speaker’s primary function is to offer you with high quality near losses audio steaming, spinning your favorite tunes through its four full-range speakers, aided by a ported subwoofer, for a space-filling, 360-DEG sound. as the name implies, it also charges your Qi-compatible devices, wirelessly simply by placing it on the built-in inductive charging pad. other features include treble and bass controls, a built-in rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of non-tethered audio playback, a 1-amp USB charging port, a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input jack, and an IPX3-certified splash proof design, so that you can have a peace of mind when bringing the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker into the wilderness or wherever place you might fancy. though one thing that you might want to take note is the mobile device needs to be equipped with a Qi-compatible case in order for it to work with the speaker’s induction pad. since the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker falls into the new-tech, dual-duty category, it is not going to cheap – expect to shell out $399.95 for one. click on the above image for larger view.

TDK via Cult of Mac

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