Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove

Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove
Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove | US$na |

can’t get enough of industrial-look for you home or office decor? if so, we bet you already have everything stuffed within your humble abode or office space that points toward your industrial-inclination. however, we also bet that you don’t have an industrial-look, concrete laptop stand for your beautiful, industrial designed MacBook Pro like this particular example created by designer Greg Papove. dubbed as the Foundation Laptop Stand (or something along the line), this unique laptop stand is cast entirely from concrete and it offers nothing more than a magnificent-looking stand for your lovely MacBook to sit on, along with nooks and crannies for your other peripherals and/or devices. beyond that, we know nuts about it but that don’t really matter cos’ only one word keeps circling our mind since the first time we lay our eyes on this: awesome! speaking of which, do join us for a small gallery of the Foundation Laptop Stand by Greg Papove after the break.


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