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CherryCharger Wireless Induction Charger

no. that’s not a modified Mac mini, though it does have an uncanny resemblance to the Apple’s mini desktop computer. it is the CherryCharger wireless induction charger from the same dude who brought to you the weighty ConcreteCharger and this one is for the wood lovers. crafted out of old reclaimed black cherry planks sourced just outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania, the CherryCharger features the same technology like its concrete counterpart, but now with a soft top made out of wool felt instead of the cork top. sandwiched between the beautiful black cherry base and the wool felt top is a cool polycarbonate “light blade” that’s design to emit light indicating the charging status. the example you see here is a single device charger and it also uses the widely adopted Qi wireless standard, which means any devices equipped with the same wireless charging standard such as the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920, or devices fitted with Qi wireless standard cases and dongles, will work with the CherryCharger. Continue reading CherryCharger Wireless Induction Charger

Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

there is wireless induction charger and then there is the Concrete Wireless Induction Charger (officially, Concrete Charger). it may sounds pretty out-of-this-world, but we have already seen concrete-cast speaker and concrete USB flash drive, why not a concrete charging device? as the name implies, this particularly alluring wireless charging contraption is casted from concrete, forming a rounded triangular contemporary art piece that doubles as a wireless induction charger using the Qi wireless standard. though concrete, it is given a soft cork top so that it will be a scratch-free experience for your tech devices and an uber cool acrylic “light blade”, sandwiched between that cork top and the concrete base, keeps you in the know of the charging status. Continue reading Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

iBattz SMART Wireless Charger

iBattz SMART Wireless Charger
handset makers have yet to resolve the limited battery lifespan in today’s smartphones but still, that doesn’t stop consumers like us from fantasying about induction charging – a technology that would appeal to clutter-phobic folks and those who feel it is a chore to plug the device in. imagine the freedom of charging the phone simply by placing it on a mat. it is very appealing indeed. then again, induction charging – as far as smartphone goes – is still in its infancy but a little magic from some aftermarket accessory would do the trick and that ‘some’ comes in the form of iBattz SMART Wireless Charger. Continue reading iBattz SMART Wireless Charger

TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

TDK Wireless Charging Speaker
TDK Wireless Charging Speaker | US$399.95 | www.tdkperformance.com

so you need a speaker for your mobile devices? how about getting one that could juice up your mobile devices such as iPhone or iPod – wirelessly just by leaving them on top of it (the speaker)? sound great? then, the TDK Wireless Charging Speaker is just the speaker for you. equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 technology with AAC, the speaker’s primary function is to offer you with high quality near losses audio steaming, spinning your favorite tunes through its four full-range speakers, aided by a ported subwoofer, for a space-filling, 360-DEG sound. Continue reading TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

STRUT LaunchPort System

STRUT LaunchPort System
STRUT LaunchPort System | US$1,250.00 | www.strutlaunchport.com

unless you are one of those high society elites cum petrol-head, you probably have not heard of STRUT. for the benefit of those who don’t know who STRUT is, they are a specialist firm who turns out automotive jewelry such as chrome wheels, grills and all that (chrome) jazz. anyway, they have taken a step into the luxe gadget accessories market by teaming up with extravagantly-priced induction charger maker, LaunchPort to introduce the STRUT LaunchPort iPad Charging System. setting itself apart from LaunchPort’s pricey induction chargers Continue reading STRUT LaunchPort System

world’s first induction charger for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Mobee Technology The Magic Bar 544x300px
(credit: Mobee) The Magic Bar | US$tbc | www.mobeetechnology.com

from the folks who brought to you The Magic Charger, now comes the solution that will solve you battery issues with your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. based on the same principle that makes the Magic Charger works, all user has to do is to replace the AA batteries in their Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with The Magic Bar item, and slide the Apple device into the Magic Bar to start charging. of course, The Magic Bar will have to be connected to a power source, which is the USB port. seriously, i pretty tired of changing batteries. you have no idea how often i have to change the batteries cos’ i am quite a heavy user. thankfully, i am still using a wired mouse. irritating but saves the trouble. however, this magical bar could end my woes with AA batteries.

no word on the pricing at this point and as for the availability, it will be available this June with Mobee Technology taking pre-order from May 15th.
[ad#Google Adsense-text-468×60] [toggle title_open=”Close Press Release” title_closed=”Read Press Release” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]Following the amazing market response of our state of the art inductive charger for Magic Mouse, “The Magic Charger”, we have received numbers of requests from our customers in order to develop same kind of unobtrusive device for the recharge the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Today, 11th of April 2011, we are delighted to inform you about the launch of our new product “The Magic Bar”. The Magic Bar is the world’s first Inductive Charger for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Including a specific cylindrical battery pack, a stylish aluminum-made base station and a micro-USB cable, The Magic Bar will be available end of June 2011.[/toggle]

Mobee Technology via DVICE

finally, wireless charging comes to Nintendo Wii-mote

Blaze Wii Induction Charger 544x300px
(credit: BLAZE Europe) Blaze Wii Induction Charger | £24.99 | www.blazeeurope.com

being an avid gamer, i certainly welcome the world of wireless controllers. however, with the new found freedom away from wires, we face yet another problem: battery charging. among the major game consoles, Wii is the only machine that has its controllers that uses standard AA batteries which allows for quick replacement if it ran out of juice, provided that you have spare batteries ready. however, the constant replacement of batteries is gonna cost you and besides, it’s not exactly green. Continue reading finally, wireless charging comes to Nintendo Wii-mote

The Magic Charger wirelessly charges your Magic Mouse

Mobee Technology The Magic Charger 544x288px
(credit: Mobee) The Magic Charger | US$49.90 | www.mobeetechnology.com

the problem with using a wireless mouse is the constant need to change batteries. this is especially true for Apple’s Magic Mouse, which would require a quarterly refreshing of batteries (depending on usage). it is a hassle and not to mention, it is environmentally unfriendly. one alternative is to use rechargeable batteries, which i did but the downer is, standard rechargeable takes significantly long time to charge, which means you will need to have two sets of those batteries to do the rotation.

Mobee Technology’s The Magic Charger solves this switching of batteries issue by the use of inductive charging. simply replace the batteries and battery compartment cover of the Magic Mouse with the Magic Charger item, and charging will start once the mouse is placed on the base station. the base station is USB powered so there will be no worry about wall outlet availability. a full charge takes 6 hours which gives the Magic Mouse enough juice to last up to 6 days. not exactly the kind of duration that we were expecting but it is a trade off for the convenience, besides you don’t ever need to do the whole changing batteries ritual. well, at least until its rated 500 cycles are up.

The Magic Charger cost $49.90 a pop and is available on Mobee Technology web store.

Mobee Technology The Magic Charger 544x328px
(credit: Mobee)

Hitachi Maxell announced wireless charging for iPhone 4

Hitachi Maxell Wireless Power Transmission Pad & Sleeve Charging Case for iPhone 4 544x311px
(image credit: Hitachi Maxell) Hitachi Maxwell Wireless Charging Pad and Case for iPhone 4 | about ¥7,100.00 | www.maxell.co.jp

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. or more commonly known as Maxell, recently announced the released of the wireless power transmission pad for iPhone 4. this battery charger is designed to be compatible with the standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an industry group that sets the international standard for interoperable wireless charging.

the wireless charging kit consists of two components, the power transmission pad and the sleeve charging case. two models of the power transmission pad will be made available. the first model to be released is the WP-PD10.BK is capable of charging two sleeve charging case-equipped iPhone 4 simultaneously. while the WP-PD10S.BK charges one unit at a time. the power transmission pads are marked with the ‘qi’ logo, indicating its compatibility with the WPC’s standard.

Hitachi Maxell Sleeve Charging Case for iPhone 4 544px

the charging system incorporates the “coil array method” developed by ConvenientPower HK Ltd. Hitachi Maxell arrayed multiple power transmission coils across the charging pad to achieve a wider charging area. the power transmission pad measures 215 x 85 x 15mm and 112 x 188 x 15 mm for the WP-PD10.BK and the WP-PD10S.BK, respectively. slipping on the sleeve charging case will add 40 grams to your iPhone 4 overall weight.

the WP-PD10BK and the sleeve charging case (designated model WP-SL10A.BK) is slated to release from April 25, 2011, while the single unit charging pad is scheduled to be released in May 2011. the WP-PD10.BK and the sleeve charging case is set to retail around ¥6,900 (about US$83) and $2,900 (about US$35), respectively. no words on the price for the WP-PD10S.BK though.

via TechOn!

contact-less charging would be perfect for world of EV

HaloIPT Wireless Charging Sytem img1 544x311px
(image credit: HaloIPT)

our recent post on Blink Network of EV charging stations prompted us to wish for a wireless or contact-less charging alternative in the market. not that we own any of those EVs at this moment but the prospect of handling high current electricity scares us off (we are simply afraid of electricity except for those we use in the house). contact-less charging for small gadgets is already a reality, so why shouldn’t it be adapted for EV? our wish has been answered in the form of HaloIPT‘s Inductive Power Transfer or IPT. Continue reading contact-less charging would be perfect for world of EV