iBattz SMART Wireless Charger

iBattz SMART Wireless Charger
handset makers have yet to resolve the limited battery lifespan in today’s smartphones but still, that doesn’t stop consumers like us from fantasying about induction charging – a technology that would appeal to clutter-phobic folks and those who feel it is a chore to plug the device in. imagine the freedom of charging the phone simply by placing it on a mat. it is very appealing indeed. then again, induction charging – as far as smartphone goes – is still in its infancy but a little magic from some aftermarket accessory would do the trick and that ‘some’ comes in the form of iBattz SMART Wireless Charger. designed specifically for Samsung GALAXY S III, as well as Note 2, the SMART wireless charging kit comprises of two parts: the charging base (the pad) and the SMART charging adapter that fits seamlessly inside the S III or Note 2. once set inside, you are basically going to enjoy the freedom of an untethered charging experience. let’s face it: the S III and the Note 2 are great smartphones – well, they are almost great – but with this yet-to-be-priced accessory, they just gets perfected. the system uses the universally accepted ‘qi’ standard – a standard that is being used by major auto makers, which means soon you will be charging your SMART-equipped S III or Note 2 with ease even when you are in transit. iBattz is showcasing this new technology in the North Hall at the 2013 International CES, booth #5428. so if happens to be there, do yourself a favor – skip the casino for a few hours and check them out. if you can’t, then scroll down for a few more imageries.

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