Modo – Modular Desktop Organizer

Modo - Modular Desktop Organizer
you know what? we had a hard time deciding how to do a write up for this product, the Modo – Modular Desktop Organizer. not because it is not good but because it is a no brainer product that makes us exclaim ‘why didn’t we think of that!’ and it has too many uses that we can’t even began to categorize it. really it is that good, and flexible. basically what you have here is a piece of bamboo-crafted board with a bunch of holes, slots and groves, that when combined with the accompanying aircraft-grade aluminum pins, forms a highly versatile desktop organizer (or desktop tidy, if you prefer). all you have to do is to plug the aluminum pins in any formation you desire and start organizing your books, CDs, tablets, smartphones and whatever that can help to reduce the clutter on your desk top. also included are four cable management grooves, three USB flash drive slots and storage cut out for storing unused aluminum pins or other small nitty gritty items. its maker, B&A Studio has taken this brilliant concept to Kickstarter and is seeking your help to make this project a reality. the Modo is not only one of the coolest desktop organizer we have seen thus far but it has one of the simplest reward program we have come across on Kickstarter with just one pledge amount for one reward: for a pledge of $26 or more, you will secure yourself one 18cm by 10cm (7″ x 3.9″) bamboo board, sixteen long aluminum pins and four short aluminum pins. of course, the latter would only be realized if the minimum funding goal is met. check out a cool product video after the break.

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