there is wireless induction charger and then there is the Concrete Wireless Induction Charger (officially, Concrete Charger). it may sounds pretty out-of-this-world, but we have already seen concrete-cast speaker and concrete USB flash drive, why not a concrete charging device? as the name implies, this particularly alluring wireless charging contraption is casted from concrete, forming a rounded triangular contemporary art piece that doubles as a wireless induction charger using the Qi wireless standard. though concrete, it is given a soft cork top so that it will be a scratch-free experience for your tech devices and an uber cool acrylic “light blade”, sandwiched between that cork top and the concrete base, keeps you in the know of the charging status.

the unique shape is by no accident; it is purposely design so it could accommodate two devices – one tablet and one phone – simultaneously and charging them with two independent induction charging “hearts”. the embedded charging “heart” here is a nifty ring-like attachment developed by Vudu Distribution is compatible with devices equipped with Qi wireless charging standard, or devices fitted with Qi wireless standard cases and dongles. most certainly an accessory that would appeal to modern art aficionados, but there is just one thing that might get in the way: this thing weighs a hefty 12 pounds (5 kilograms), which would most certainly make shipping cost a huge pain. but the good news is, this product is pretty concrete now and is destined to be available this July. as the price, it is still tba for now.

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UPDATE [JUNE 17, 2013]: we hear from its maker that they are working hard to reduce the weight of the product by using other lighter concrete mix, but by how much, remains to be seen. also, we were informed that O’Dea will be also be working up a giveaway for people who follows their twitter and make mention of the hashtag (#ConcreteCharger) and link to the product page on our site.

Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

O’Dea Design via Uncrate

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