The iPhone Rangefinder Case

The iPhone Rangefinder Case
(photos: Photojojo) The iPhone Rangefinder | from US$65.00 |

if you find yourself taking more pictures with your iPhone than making calls or among the many other functions that it was designed to do so, then you might want to dress up your iPhone to look like a real classic camera. meet the iPhone Rangefinder Case, an iPhone accessory that lets you do just that. in fact, it is not just a case styled like a classic camera but it is a complete iphonegraphy system that adds a shutter button, tripod mount, viewfinder, aperture numbers, a faux front lens and a pair of loops for camera strap to your iPhone – effectively turning your iPhone into a digital camera, so to speak. you will be forgiven to think that this is a real film camera but the opening at the bottom left of the ‘camera’ is a dead given away that this device is anything but a real camera. speaking of which, the opening for the main camera is compatible with your favorite magnetic call lenses too and the faux lens there is not just for show, it has a built-in mirror that is useful in aiding your self-portrait shots. old school style shooting with the benefit of instant gratification, so who needs a Leica anyway? the iPhone Rangefinder can be yours for $65 a pop or you could snag yourself one bundled with some magnetic lenses for $99.

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