Nikko Vaporizr Amphibious RC Car

Nikko Vaporizr Amphibious RC Car
(photos: Nikko) Nikko Vaporizr Amphibious RC Car | £49.99 |

we love putting our RC trucks through all kind of terrains but there is something that we have to watch out for: the water. you know, the ponds and lakes that may exist next to your favorite rough terrains. any rash act could result in your truck becoming the next underwater relic but that won’t be the case with the Nikko Vaporizr Amphibious RC Car – a true all-terrain radio control toy truck (or car?). what makes the Vaporizr special is its wheels: they makes the Vaporizr floats and doubles as ‘paddles’ for the Vaporizr when it hits the water. a pair of electric motors send power to all its four wheels and bestowing it with up to 15 km/h of land speed and do fun tricks like doing 360 degrees burn out. the Nikko Vaporizr Amphibious RC Car could be yours for £49.99 or around US$79, based on the current going rate. check out a video of the Vaporizr in action after the break.

Nikko via Technabob

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