UV Sterilization Cradle keeps bacteria away from your iPhone

UV Sterilization Cradle
UV Sterilization Cradle | ¥2,980.00 | www.thanko.jp

we all know bacteria live among us and they exist everywhere, including taking up residents on our beloved and much used gadgets such as MP3 players, earphones and smartphones et cetera. the UV Sterilization Cradle featured here is dedicated to all hygiene freaks who knew this unfortunate fact and wish to minimize the bacteria infestation on their lovely mobile gadgets. the concept is simple: this nifty gadget uses ultraviolet to disinfect the mobile gadget that you cradle within it. the device comes with a cradle to contain smaller items like your iPhone, MP3 player, earphones or even your jewelry, if you wish. for bigger gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S II, simply remove the cradle and the S II sits right in and you are all set. the sterilization process initiates once the cover is put on and it takes just 4 minutes to achieve up to 99% bacteria elimination. the UV Sterilization Cradle is powered by just three AAA batteries, negating the need for external power source which could otherwise add clutter to your desktop. the UV Sterilization Cradle is available from the maestro of the weird and wacky, Thanko for just ¥2,980 or US$38 based on the current exchange rate. needless to say, it is a Japan-only product but by now, online shopping savvy folks should know the drill on how to lay their hands on Japan-only products. check out more views of the UV Sterilization Cradle after the break.

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