Eclipse TD508 Mk 3 Speakers

Eclipse TD508 Mk 3 Speakers
Eclipse TD508 Mk 3 Speakers | US$tba |

from the front, these spherical objects may look like Wheatley, the adorable robot from Portal 2 game but of course, they are not. these desirable objects are actually Eclipse TD508 Mk3 Speakers that employ what is known as the Time Domain Theory technology (an Eclipse’s proprietary technology) to offer listeners an experience akin to being at the heart of a live performance, hearing the music in extreme details. equipped with a newly developed 8cm fiberglass driver, the TD508 Mk 3 has an egg-shaped form that is not only larger in internal volume but also aids in reducing back pressure, thus eliminating unnecessary vibrations and distortions – even when you cranked up the volume. besides looking sleek, it also offers the flexibility of placements: desktop stand, floor standing, ceiling and wall mount, with the latter two offering step-less speaker angle adjustment. having a flexible placement may seems like a minute thing but it is an asset to those who prefers their speakers to conform to their interior decor than the other way round. honestly, how many times have you have to custom your console or any other furniture just to please the speakers you have bought? probably most of the time, which is not the way it should be. really. the Eclipse TD508 Mk 3 Speakers come in three sleek hues: black, white, and silver to fit most contemporary home decor. as for the price, it is still a mystery to us. a few more look after the break.

Eclipse via Studio Dope

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