Guy Brings Back Headphone Jack To iPhone 7

Guy Became Hero Again For Putting A Headphone Jack Into An iPhone 7

Remember the hero who built himself an iPhone 6s with parts sourced exclusively from the electronics market in China? Well, he’s back again and what he did in his latest project will leave many headphone jack lovers fall in love. Yes. We are referring to Scotty Allen AKA Strange Parts and yes, we are talking about putting a working headphone jack into the headphone jack-less iPhone 7. In his latest video posted on his YouTube channel, which lasted for a little over 30 minutes, Allen shown us how he used a stock Apple Lightning-to-3.5mm jack dongle and a custom designed flexible PCB to create a working headphone jack which he packed inside an iPhone 7.

After four months, seven custom circuit board designs, and three iPhones put under the knife later, it got it working. Albeit not as elegant as it would have it was factory fabricated. Hey, at least he have a functioning iPhone 7 with a totally functional 3.5mm headphone jack. No words if how this have affected the waterproof feature of the device and also, if the plastic thingy he removed did in fact affect the atmospheric reading capability of the device. While he emerged victorious, it was way too much of a work just to realize a headphone jack. The project is more like a hobbyist kind of thing, a testimony of the man’s ‘can do attitude’ and for that, we salute him.

However, if you ask me, I would rather not buy a device that ignores consumers’ need. I will hold on to that principle until the day when every single manufacturer out there decided to ditch headphone jack for good or if the market has a reliable wireless earbuds which is capable of lasting for weeks on ends. Seriously, I don’t need another frequently-need-to-be-charged device in my life yet. Anywho, skip ahead for the lengthy video. Who knows? You might be inspired to do the same. But seriously, don’t do it unless you have shit load of time and money at your disposal.

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Image: Scotty Allen/Strange Parts.