the world’s largest LEGO Christmas Tree [photos]

Faux-fir LEGO Christmas Tree
(image: Bright Bricks)

what the world’s favorite bricks can do is only limited by our imagination and since Christmas is drawing close, wouldn’t it be fitting to use these tiny toy bricks to create a Christmas tree? that’s exactly what Bright Bricks, the sole LEGO-certified professionals (yes, there is actually such certification) in the UK, has done. billed as the world’s largest LEGO Christmas tree, it measures a gargantuan 38-feet (11.6-meter) tall, beating the current record holder by a good 2.6-meter. the tree uses an astounding 600,000 LEGO bricks for its creation and is topped with 1,000 LEGO ornaments and lightings. of course, LEGO by itself wouldn’t hold up the weight and hence Bright Bricks had a 3-ton steel framework in place to keep things together. this awesome Faux-fir LEGO Christmas Tree is currently on display at the St. Pancras International Station till January 4th, 2012. so if you happen to be in and around that location, do pop by for a look at this magnificent creation. more images after the break.
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Bright Bricks via Inhabitat

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