do you like bananas? correction. we should ask ‘do you LOVE bananas?’ well, if you have great admiration for this potassium-loaded fruit and has the need to do the a banana a day, keep the energy going thing, here’s a Banana Holder (more like holster, actually) from Etsy seller Biken that lets you carry a single banana in uber style. it may not protect the yellow fruit like the ChiquiSafe does, but at least, it is more adult-like. because adults know how not to get their banana bruised. don’t we? for a touch of class, the holder is crafted from genuine leather and is especially useful to bicycle rider as it can be attached to the bike frame or in some cases, on the handlebar or under the saddle, and it could be easily slipped onto your waist belt as you continue your journey on foot.

all Biken Banana Holder are hand finished and each end thread is repeatedly looped through and bound to prevent fraying. if you (i mean, the serious bike riding, banana lovers) are not convinced by how good looking this Banana Holder is, there are a few more images below that might help to justify my words. but, it is not going to be cheap; each Banana Holder will set you back at $55. and remember, if you really love this natural energy bar, you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt it. just saying…

Etsy via Bless This Stuff

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