Thai Artist Created An Incredible Hulk Sculpture Out Of Auto Scrap Parts

A Thailand artist, Kreatworks, has a created an Incredible Hulk sculpture made entirely out of scrap auto parts. He did not called it “Hulk” for obvious legal reason, but it is the angry green beast from Marvel comics.

This ‘Phone Wrap’ For Cooker Pot Will Turn Your Pot Into A Super Cool R2-D2 Cooker Pot

R2-D2. In the fictional galaxy far, far away, it was a beeping, screaming mobile hacker and taser. However, in this world where there’s no need to rebel against an evil Empire, it has assumed more practical roles like a pop-corn maker, a desk lamp, a mobile fridge, and even an observatory, for examples. And now, […]

You Can Now Buy Functional Hand Bags Made Out Of LEGO Because, Why Not?

It’s no secret that LEGO bricks can be used to build almost anything, but one thing you probably don’t know is, the world’s most famous bricks can be used to make functional hand bags too. Yup. They sure can as we learn today. A Polish company called agabag is the go-to company for that sort […]

You Can Turn Your Pet Dog Into A Demogorgon Dog With This Handmade Costume

Demodog. The adolescent Demogorgon on four from Netflix’s Stranger Things is hardly cute by any standard. In fact, it is anything but. However, that’s in the TV show. As it turns out, demodog may not be as menacing in the real world, as proven by Etsy seller That Crafty Friend. That Crafty Friend has created […]

The Great Grey Shark Chair Is No Baby Shark, But Cool Nevertheless

Baby Shark is all the rage now. But does it has anything do with The Great Grey Shark Chair? Nope. Nothing, except for they are both about shark. While your kids dance to impossibly catchy children song, this one here is a functional furniture that lets you kid cosy on. Handmade by Etsy seller Reroom […]

Critical Failure D20 Dice Because, When You Rolled ‘1’, It Is Really F*@k

Depending on what you are rolling for, landing on a ‘1’ on a dice may not be all that bad. However, if ‘1’ is bad news (i.e. critical failure) in the game you are playing, then this dice from Etsy seller MarsDice, called Critical Failure D20 Dice, is what you need. This is the dice […]

Surfboards With Coastal Scenes Are How Surfboards Should Look

Surfboard belongs to the sea and therefore, it couldn’t be more fitting than one that has a design that depicts a bird’s eye view of the coastal scene like these surfboards created by Hawaii-based studio TRVLX. These surfboards are not actually functional surfboards. Though, I have no doubt the natural wood like Mango, Koa, and […]

Wiping This Sequin Pillow Will Reveal Nicolas Cage Because, It’s Cool?

Nicolas Cage has been the target of memes for like, forever. I am sure he is already used to it. But here’s a physical meme (of sort) which, if you are a fan, you would love to own. It is a Nicolas Cage Face Sequin Pillow from Etsy seller Memeskins. As the product name implies, […]

An Apple Disk II Floppy Drive Turned Into Blu-ray/DVD Drive Is Just About The Coolest Thing Ever

Almost any manufacturer can make a Blu-ray player, but not every manufacturer can satisfies some consumers’ burning desire for the nostalgic. To this end, we think Etsy RetroConnector is not just any manufacturer. Heck. I wouldn’t even call this seller a manufacturer and that’s the beauty of it. What this person did is something we […]

LEGO Minifig Got Hit By Growth Ray, Turned Into 7-inch Jumbo-size Minifig

Danish toy maker LEGO may have these jumbo-sized, not so minifig, minifigs in their stores (somewhere, I think) and if LEGO really do have them, I am sure they are not yours to buy; they will be just display pieces to spruce up the stores. Anyways, if you desire to own one oversized minifig (and […]