Funky 3D Faces is going to make you feel that the official personalized LEGO minifigure is pretty lame. I mean, a standard minifig head lacks of the features to say that it is you, but the Funky 3D Faces’ personalized minifigure on the other hand, is in-your-face you.

Personalized Minifigure with 3D Printed Personalized Head

There’s no way not to recognize who the person is because, it is 3D printed based on the photos you submitted. I know. It does look kinda weird to see a fairly realistic head sculpt (that isn’t cylindrical in shape!) paired to a blocky LEGO minifig, but at the same time, you have to admit that, that IS personalization done right.

Personalized Minifigure with 3D Printed Personalized Head

The head is 3D printed in a sandstone material and has a 5 mm hole at the bottom of the neck that will allow it fit on any LEGO minifigure. This means, you can swap out the random minifigure body that came with it for any body you desire. Like, how cool is that to be able to do a body switch? You can be anyone you want to be. Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, or maybe even Rachel Green if you want.

If you are keen, you can find personalized minifigure with 3D printed personalized head on Etsy for about US$31.11.

Images: Etsy (Funky 3D Faces).

Source: Dude.

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