Lets get real. A LEGO minifigure will never look you, or any human being for that matter. However, you can actually create a bespoke minifigure that resembles you. Well, kind of resemble in a way you know it.

Available in select LEGO stores in Europe, namely, Amsterdam, Berlin and Düsseldorf, this new custom minifigure experience lets you personalized the figure’s “shirt” with words and simple graphics, and assemble to your liking.

LEGO Minifigure Factory Bespoke Minifigure of You

Minutes later, you get yourself your very own mini (LEGO) me, complete with a super cool packaging, along with a 2 x 4 brick with your name splash across the side.

LEGO said the LEGO Minifigure Factory’s bespoke minifigure of you is a new service, but in reality, build-a-minifigure have been around for a while now. I guess with the new graphic printing machine, you could say it is “new”?

Anywho, now you know. If you are residing in aforementioned cities, you get a LEGO mini me if you are such a big fan of LEGO.

Images: Twitter (@LEGO_Group).

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