Fans of Transformers who are enamored by Marvel Comics’ version of Optimus Prime will want to check out Etsy seller Printformers. Printformers, an obvious portmanteau of the words ‘3D print’ and ‘Transformers’, are 3D printed, transformable Transformers action figures.

Marvel-inspired Transformers Optimus Prime Figure

The Etsy store is selling a bunch of self-designed, 3D printed Transformers figures, but nothing stood out more than this Marvel Comics-inspired Optimus Prime figure and yes, it is totally transformable.

Obviously, this is not an officially licensed figure, but damn, it looks absolutely gorgeous. The most impressive part is, of course, it can transform without parts forming which is something true fans can appreciate.

Marvel-inspired Transformers Optimus Prime Figure

The figure comes with a pair of guns and spare parts in case repairs are required. There are two head variants with swappable eyes and an option for a LED module too. Awesome.

But such awesomeness does come with a rather steep price. We are talking about US$250 for per figure. However, if you have access to 3D printers, you may pick up the STL files for 30 bucks.

Marvel-inspired Transformers Optimus Prime Figure

If you are down for more Marvel Comics’ Transformers transformable action figures, Printformers is also selling Marvel-inspired Fortress Maximum as well (US$240, or US$31.50 for STL files download).

Images: Etsy (Printformers).

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