Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest

HasLab, Hasbro’s very own crowdfunding platform, started in 2018 with the Jabba’s Sail Barge. Two years on and several other projects in between, Hasbro has return to Star Wars. This time, the new icon of the Star Wars universe, the Razer Crest, the space ride of the space cowboy seen in The Mandalorian.

The Razer Crest is by no means a vintage, but it does not stop Hasbro trying to make it into one with the Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest. I am not thrilled if ain’t from the original trilogy, TBH, but as a spacecraft, I dig it.

This collectible is huge, measuring 30 inches (76.2 cm) long, 20 inches (50 cm) wide and 10.5 inches (26.7 cm) tall, and boasts an insane amount of details faithful to its series appearance.

Here are the features you can expect, straight from the horse’s mouth:

• The cockpit opens to reveal a fully detailed interior with three seats that fit Vintage Collection figures
• Detachable engines and removable hull panels to recreate the season 1 scenes of the Jawas breaking down the ship for scrap
• A weapons locker with included, removable, show-inspired weapons accessories to make sure your figures are always ready for whatever the galaxy throws at them
• A carbon freezing chamber and cargo hold with cargo netting
• Bounty hunters can make an entrance — or a fast exit — with opening rear and side doors and lowering ramps
• Removable landing gear
• Bunk area with space for a figure to hide

Included with this collectible vehicle is a brand-new 3.75-inch figure of The Mandalorian, dressed in his Beskar armor, topped off with a soft-goods cape. So, this vehicle is designed to accommodate Vintage scale figures. Pretty cool, eh? Even cooler is the asking price. Hasbro is asking US$349.99 in return.

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Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest

But at this point, we shouldn’t be surprised by the hefty price tag. HasLab has since established itself as the platform for turning out highly detailed, mega size, premium collectibles. Hasbro is looking to gathered 6,000 backers by November 9, 2020.

But as we all know, The Mandalorian is certainly not lacking of fans. At the time of this post, the Hasbro Star Wars The Vintage Collection Razor Crest has pulled in 7,243 backers and it has over 40 more days on the calendar.

All images courtesy of Hasbro.