Slot Mods Raceway

Slot Mods Raceway
Slot Mods Raceway | from US$300.00 |

even as growth ups, we cannot forget the toys we once enjoyed as a kid. how we wish we could have them back but sadly, most of these toys are now vintages and are either lost forever or insanely expensive to buy. we browse eBay often enough to know that and frankly, some of the prices just managed to invoke our goosebumps. lucky for us, there is still one form of toy that not only managed to stick around till today but it has been further improved. we are referring to the Slot Mods Raceway, a completely custom set of slot car race track of 1:32 scale, painstakingly cut and routed from MDF and its slots precision-cut using CNC mill. while it may not sounds like much but having the track crafted out from MDF is a refreshing change from your typical plastic slot car tracks and the attention to details to the race environment such as spectators, overpasses, signs, trees, buildings and the likes, is nothing short of breathtaking. the only downside is, you can’t disassemble it to store them or bring it anywhere else once it is put together. but hey, we are pretty contented to be able to toy race on such an awesome setup. each custom Slot Mods Raceway comes complete with cars, controllers, and a power supply, and it will cost you $300 and up, depending how complex is your setup. a few more look at some setup examples after the break.

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