MagGo Nintendo Switch Carry Bag by Ultix Outdoors

If accessing your Nintendo Switch console as quick as a proficient gunslinger is what you are after, Ultix Outdoors’ new MagGo will have you covered. Designed specifically for Nintendo Switch console, this crossbody bag features an invisible magnetic drop-down game station that lets you quickly access the device.

In place of traditional zipper system is an array of no less than 92 magnets that allows for secure closure while affording easy, quick access whenever you need. The bag also boasts a patent-pending magnetic connection that has a quick-release clip for quick, one-handed access.

While it is super compact and designed with Switch in mind, the MagGo also touts a bunch of compartments designed to accommodate your mobile phone, wallet, keys, USB Type-C charge, and even passport and boarding pass. In addition, it has a removable center device that has slots for 12 Nintendo Switch game cartridges.

MagGo Nintendo Switch Carry Bag by Ultix Outdoors

Finally, as a bag, it benefits from EVA front shield protection (which also water resistant, btw), PU fabric, removable shoulder strap, breathable back cover, additional heavy padding in key areas for added screen protection, and a 2-sided wearing design.

MagGo Nintendo Switch Carry Bag by Ultix Outdoors can be had for £48 or more (US$68 or more) on Kickstarter. The campaign is funded and therefore, a pledge for a product is a pre-order which, if all goes as planned, will be fulfilled sometime in July 2021.

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Images: Ultix Outdoors.

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