KILLSPENCER Parachute Collection Features Bags Made From U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes

There are bags that oozes with military style, but there are no bags that oozes with more military style than one that’s handcrafted using authentic, repurposed U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes. By U.S. Military Pilots Parachutes, we do mean the parachute that goes into the jet-propelled ejection seat that helps to get ejected pilot safely to […]

PHOOZY Capsule Sleeve Wants To Protect Your iPad and MacBook With Spacesuit Technology

You paid handsome amount for an iPad and/or a MacBook and yet, you know very well, they aren’t exactly ruggedized and they’d be at risk on a field trip or even just regular, everyday commute. This is where PHOOZY Thermal Capsule for iPad and MacBook comes in. This over-the-top protective bag (or sleeve, if you […]

These Compression Bags For Traveling Also Double As Regular Bags

Need to pack more into your suitcase? Well then, here’s a super interesting solution that you will want to know about called Cubepacks. Cubepacks are versatile compression packing cubes that lets you maximize suitcase space without having to pump your ass away like vacuum packs do. You may argue that but there are battery-powered vacuum […]

Bento Bag: A Versatile Carry-on Companion That Opens Like A Suitcase

Here’s a versatile everyday travel bag called Bento Bag from Nomad Lane. No, it is not a lunch box despite its name, but like its namesake, it is as capable, if not more capable, and it is crazy stylish. TBH, it did not sweep my feet off the ground when I first saw it, but […]

Balenciaga Lends Lambskin To Cheap Plastic Shopping Bag. Yes, Again.

Ah… we finally figured out what Balenciaga is up to this year. This year, it is all about “inspired-by” theme. Instead of dreaming up fashion pieces from the ground up, the Parisian fashion label must have thought turning everyday items into upmarket versions is a fun thing to do. It probably is because I must […]

HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

HEX brand has a new line of bags that bears the perfect mix of urban utility and rugged feel. Called HEX Regimental Rugged Quilted Camo Bag Collection, it consists of 15 pieces of bags and sleeves each boasting a water-resistant, nylon in camo print, fabric lined and quilted. I will be honest here. It is […]

Singapore’s Local Coffee To-Go Carrier Is Now An Actual Bag. Quirky!

A Singapore lifestyle product brand seems to have taken a page off today’s design trend of taking design inspirations from everyday objects. The label, called Wheniwasfour, has turned a local icon into a bag and the result is way more LOL. But it is only as quirky only if you understand the local culture in […]

Ikea Teamed Up With Off-White On A Fresh Take Of The Iconic Frakta Bag

I am sure you remember the hilarity that ensue after Balenciaga pulled off an upmarket and obviously, very pricey, knockoff of Ikea’s iconic blue Frakta. Up to today, we are not quite sure if it was intentional, but based on one previous design, we are not at all surprise if it was an intentional copycat. […]

Ikea Responded To Balenciaga’s $2,145 Frakta Tote-lookalike, Hilarity Ensues

Usually, when we talk about knock-off, the non-original product (or sometime, idea) is of something poorly made and cheaply priced, but that’s not what happen in the case of Balenciaga’s $2,145 Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag. So, you must asking: “who knock-off Balenciaga?” Well, the thing is, Balenciaga’s Arena appears to be the knock-off in […]

Balenciaga’s Interpretation Of Iconic Red-White-Blue Bag Cost A Cool $2,000

You know those cheaply made (and cheap) red-white-blue nylon carrying bags commonly used in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and China? Those bags are really, really cheap. At least one airport that we know of has these bags stashed, ready for checking passengers who have overweight or oversized baggages to repack into. Seriously, I have […]