Face mask is all the rage these days. Not that we enjoy wearing it, but because the situation calls for it. That said, it is only naturally that we talk about face mask here pretty often. However, this face mask is not quite the kind of mask you are acquainted with.

Pegasus Face Mask Novelty Tote Bag

This “face mask” is so oversized that, unless you are the giants from Jack and the Beanstalk, you cannot wear it. It can, however, store stuff like, you know, a bag. So yes, it is a bag. A tote bag, to be precise.

The brainchild of this apt-for-this-time tote bag is Thailand luggage maker, Pegasus Luggage. Made from 600D grade durable Nylon, the Pegasus Face Mask Novelty Tote Bag has every design features that makes look like a disposable face mask – including the bendy nose piece (though it is not clear if the nose piece on the bag is bendable.

Pegasus Face Mask Novelty Tote Bag

However, the similarity to a face mask ends here. Besides obviously oversized, it has a zipper up top to keep unwanted hands out and on the inside, it has a small compartment for small everyday carry like lipsticks, cell phone and whatnot. The rest of space is the main compartment which is capable swallowing a 15-inch laptop, iPad and stuff.

If you need a fun, head-turning tote, the Pegasus Face Mask Novelty Tote Bag is it. Though, I foresee that not many people will be amused. If you are sold by the novelty factor, you may pick up the Pegasus Face Mask Novelty Tote Bag from Amazon for US$34.99.

Pegasus Face Mask Novelty Tote Bag

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Images: Pegasus Luggage.

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