Funnell Backpack Jacket

getting caught in a sudden downpour sucks. getting caught in the rain and getting drenched because your rain jacket is on your back, in the backpack is, well, unfortunate. sudden downpour has no mercy. it will come raining down, leaving you little or no time to react. if you are near a shelter, then count yourself lucky, but for everyone else, the Funnell Backpack Jacket is here to solve this sudden woe. the Funnell is basically a hardworking backpack with a built-in rain jacket that is designed to allow you to quickly pull out and wear the rain jacket without removing the backpack from your back. judging from the pitch video, which you can find after the break, the deployment of the rain jacket looks pretty swift, but i guess like all things in life, a little practice will go a long way.

Funnell Backpack Jacket

located on the bag’s shoulder is a pair of eject strings, one on either side, which you pull upwards to get the jacket out of the backpack and wear it like you would with any other jackets. when worn, the jacket also covers your backpack too, while specially designed seams offer the same freedom of movement. the jacket compartment is waterproofed, so you can stuff back the wet jacket without worrying about water getting into the rest of the backpack. the jacket’s fabric has undergone a 5-layer construction, including a membrane for breathability and a waterproof coating to keep water out. zippers are, of course, waterproof sealed and the inside seams are all taped with waterproof tapes. the bag itself features a large compartment for laptop, plus a ton of internal pockets for your travel knick knacks and what not. there is also a set of adjustable, ergonomic shoulder straps and a supportive backpanel to help to relief the strain from the load on your back.

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interestingly, the jacket is removable and is interchangeable with other Funnell backpack. so if you have more than one Funnell, you can mix-and-match the colors of the jacket and the backpack. Funnell Backpack Jacket is primarily designed with cyclists and motorcyclists in mind, but it is also suited for daily urban folks, office workers and adventure seekers. the brainchild of the Funnell is Hong Kong-based, Italian seasoned rider, Stefano who is also the man behind Restless Travellers and he needs a little financial backing in order to bring Funnell Backpack Jacket to life. if you love this idea, you can help by pre-ordering the Funnell on its Kickstarter campaign. early birds will get a special price of $188, while not-so-early-backers will get it at $198. after which, it will set you back at $248 a pop. still, that’s a couple of hundreds off the eventual retail price.

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