ThreeZero Chainsaw Man 1/6 Scale Action Figures

If you think Good Smile Company’s Chainsaw Man figure is a little too toy-ish, there’s an alternative coming soon from ThreeZero. The toymaker has recently revealed that it will soon be offering the Chainsaw Man series of 1/6 scale articulated figures under its FigZero product line.

ThreeZero Chainsaw Man 1/6 Scale Action Figures

Yes, “figures”. Because there is more than one figure. Kicking off the new FigZero Chainsaw Man line of action figures are the Chainsaw Man aka Denji himself and the fiend, the blood-thirsty, Power.

ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Denji Figure

Standing at around 11.6 inches (29.6 cm) tall, the FigZero 1/6 Denji boasts over 27 points of articulation and a brand-new torso developed especially for this figure that will allow you to recreate the various action poses as seen in the anime.

In his human form, Denji’s figure has two interchangeable face plates (smirking and gloating expressions) and six sets of interchangeable hands. The figure is also supplied with the mandatory chainsaw head, along with a pair of chainsaw forearms, to complete the transformation into Chainsaw Man.

The chainsaw head further touts two interchangeable lower jaws, namely, closed and opened. The latter features a tongue sticking with an articulated joint at the base.

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Denji is outfitted in a tailored white shirt, slacks, and a necktie.

Completing the package are his trusty axe and non-poseable 1/6 scale Pochita.

ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Power Figure

Meanwhile, the FigZero 1/6 Power stands around 11.3 inches (28.8 cm) tall and has over 31 points of articulation. Like Denji, it has a brand-new design torso and as a homage to that one scene in the anime, Power also features magnetic breast pads that can easily be attached or detached from Power’s chest.

ThreeZero Chainsaw Man 1/6 Scale Action Figures

Only folks who watched the anime will know why. I cannot forget the puzzled look of the innocent Denji when he learned about the pads! LoL!

The Power figure comes with three interchangeable face plates (grinning, shouting, and surprised), two interchangeable hair pieces (regular and flowing), interchangeable hairs (4 pairs?), and a non-poseable 1/6 scale Meowy cat companion.

Additionally, Power gets her signature blood sword and blood hammer that she often wields in the anime.

Finally, Power is dressed in a fabric jacket, white shirt, slacks, and necktie.

Both the FigZero 1/6 Denji and FigZero 1/6 Power are sculpted by renowned Japanese sculptor Akinori Takaki.

ThreeZero is set to take pre-orders for both figures very soon since shipping is slated to happen sometime in Q3 2023. Prices are TBA.

Images: ThreeZero.