RZE HexEdge Microblade Pocket Knife

What does a watchmaker have to do with a pocket knife? Probably nothing unless the watchmaker is RZE Watches. The watchmaker has just revealed that it is entering the knife market and this handsome little guy you see here, RZE HexEdge Microblade.

RZE HexEdge Microblade Pocket Knife

The RZE HexEdge Microblade is super compact. Like really, really compact. When closed, it is barely longer than an average key, or mere 2.44 inches (61.6 mm) to be precise. It is a fifth pocket knife aka 5PK, which means it is small enough to fit in the fifth pocket aka the coin pocket aka the watch pocket of your jeans.

When open it measures a respectable 4.09 inches (104.5 mm) with 1.67 inches of it being the blade. Notwithstanding its small size and lightweight (1.94 oz./55g), RZE HexEdge promised to deliver full-size utility for typical everyday tasks.

The blade is crafted from D2 tool-grade steel blade – chosen for its superior edge retention – with titanium coating, so you’d spend more time using and less time sharpening. The handle, on the other hand, is of G-10 material.

RZE HexEdge Microblade Pocket Knife

The microblade further boasts a butterfly front flip mechanism that let you deploy the blade with a flick of a finger. On the opposite end, it has a handy pry bar for prying jobs or popping open a cold one.

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In addition to carrying it in a pocket, the knife can also be carried with its reversible clip, a lanyard, or on a keyring. Rounding up the design is RZE Watches’ signature geometric design that looks as futuristic as the Tesla Cybertruck.

Sealing deal, IMHO, is the price. It will run you back at just US$32 with a lifetime guarantee. Now, that’s a bold move on RZE Watches.

But, I believe that would be a special early bird price when it launches on Kickstarter. If you want this new bad boy on the (knife) block, be sure to get yourself signed up to be notified when the campaign goes live.

All images courtesy of RZE Watches.