Original Use of Small Pocket on Jeans

Have you ever wonder what the small pocket on jeans is actually for? I have, but never gotten to find out until now. This seemingly unimportant stitched slot has come a long way and as far as modern folks are concerned, it is a handy holding place for a variety of small stuff like coins, loose keys, lighters and even flash drive and Bluetooth tracker. However, when it was first conceived by the grandaddy of Jeans, Levi Strauss Co., it was actually designed to hold pocket watches. When jeans first appeared in 1873, most men carried pocket watches and hence, that little pocket there served as an easy-access placeholder to the timepiece of choice of that era.

Though I am sure the ‘small pocket’ back in those days was a little bigger and a whole lot less stiff. Funny that it was so, cos’ I recall reading that jeans were designed for cowboys and miners, and I am pretty sure those guys did not carry pocket watches. On the second thought, maybe they did, since after the 18th century, pocket watches ceased to be luxury items and were widely used by commoners. There you have it, the mystery of the small pocket on jeans, solved.

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via Neatorama