The anime Ultraman is a different ball game. It envisioned a world where monsters and humans lived alongside each other. Not going to lie. It takes some accustoming coming from the live-action era of Ultraman that the warrior of light not only wears an Iron Man-like exoskeleton suit with Centurions’ equipment teleportation tech but also is a regular size person.

Netflix Anime Ultraman Final Season Official Trailer

Well, that changed once we are done with season 1 and when things got a lot fast-paced, with many questions left unanswered that piqued our curiosity. But as we enter the third and final season of the Netflix Anime Ultraman, expect new revelations and mysteries to unfold.

Speaking of which, if you can’t stand even a dash of a spoiler, then I suggest not watching the Netflix Anime Ultraman Final Season Official Trailer which Netflix dropped yesterday. Also, you may want to click away right now. If you are fine with spoilers, we then stick around.

There’s definitely a lot to unpack from a trailer that is just a 2-minute plus long but we shan’t say more. It is better that you take it all in yourself.

Netflix Anime Ultraman Final Season Official Trailer

All I can say is, it is exciting. Imagine that. I am actually excited. To think I was a non-fan when the series debuted in 2019.

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My childhood’s Ultraman ain’t no Iron Man. That was my mentality. But soon, a cohesive storyline and a suitable amount of character build-up that ain’t draggy, plus the excellent animation won me over. So won over that I actually drop the precious dough for the ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Taro (Anime Version) figure. Yup. I actually did.

The Netflix Anime Ultraman Final Season will start streaming worldwide on Netflix starting on May 11, 2023. Skip ahead for the aforementioned trailer.

Images: Netflix/YouTube (Netflix Anime).

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