Netflix Shared Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Sneak Peek

If you have watched Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, you are probably left hanging because the concluding season is split into two volumes. Not going to lie. It is a terrible feeling. In any case, if you haven’t been following, the concluding season of this epic Netflix series was split into two volumes. The first …

30+ Years On, There Is A New Willow Story That Will Be A Series On Disney+

Beyond the original Star Wars trilogy, Lucasfilm Ltd. was responsible for one of the most iconic fantasy movies to emerge in the 80s: Willow. Every kid born in the 70s and early 80s would have watched it. I am no exception. If you are like me, still holding on to that awesome memories, then will …

Rowan Atkinson Is Back In Netflix’s Man Vs Bee And Here’s The Official Trailer

At a glance, you may mistake Netflix‘s upcoming series, Man Vs Bee, to be a wildlife documentary. It is not. It is Rowan Atkinson’s comedy series created and written by Atkinson himself with William Davies (Johnny English, The Real McCoy) for Netflix.

Watch the First 8 Minutes Of Netflix’s Stranger Things 4

The long-overdue Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 is set to drop next week. To get keep the mood going, Netflix has shared the first 8 minutes of the new season. If I can be perfectly honest, I am not entirely thrilled. Not by the show or by the first 8 minutes.

Marvel Drops She-Hulk Official Trailer

Well, this is it. Marvel Studios’ Hulk is officially joined by another Hulk, Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters. Marvel just dropped the official trailer of the upcoming series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which is set to premiere on August 17, 2022, on Disney+.

Influential Game Shows That Are Still Beloved

Game shows have been a regular and entertaining staple of the TV schedule for what seems like forever. While they come in many forms, there have been standout titles that captured our attention, generated discussion, and even a little controversy. These are the shows that became prominent additions to the game show arsenal and really …

 Netflix Dropped Stranger Things 4 Official Trailer: It Looks Complicated

The thing with any sequel is, if it takes too long to make and hit the screen, it loses its appeal. More so if the show’s or movie’s key actors were children. Man, their growth is exponential! The childish demeanor and behavior, you know, like the screams, the conversation that goes with the face of …

Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Official Trailer

Surprise. Surprise. After having a less than stellar reception for the first season of the Pacific Rim: The Black animated series, we are getting the second season. This is nice because I kind of dig the season as a whole when I overlooked the fact of how stupid Hayley can get and her constant sobbing …

Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel TV Series Official Trailer

We finally got our first look at the new Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel TV series. Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel is based on Marvel’s first Muslim superhero Kamala Khan who took on the Ms. Marvel mantle. Khan first appeared in Captain Marvel #14 (August 2013) and subsequently, premiered in her own Ms. Marvel series in 2014.

Bastard!! Heavy Metal Dark Fantasy Original Net Animation Adaptation Is Coming To Netflix!

In related news, Netflix is bringing a cult favorite manga, Bastard!!: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy, to its streaming platform. Yes. Believe it and from what we see from the first trailer, it looked absolutely fantastic. Bastard!! was every teenager’s wet dream.