ThreeZero FigZero 1/6 Ultraman Suit Taro (Anime Version)

Have you watched the second season of the anime Ultraman on Netflix? If you do, I bet the new Ultraman Suit Taro has caught your eyes and possibly enamored you. I know it did for me and so I’m pretty pumped that there is going to be a collector-grade action figure for it: the ThreeZero …

Shin Ultraman Event Is Happening At Yokohama Landmark Tower

Shin Ultraman will be hitting the theaters in Japan very soon and Tsuburaya Productions is drumming it up with an event over at Mitsubishi Estate Property Management-operated Yokohama Landmark Tower, aptly called Shin Ultraman Yokohama Landmark Tower.

Rakuten NFT Marketplace’s First Content Is CG Assets Of Anime Ultraman

If I were you, I would stay away from the non-fungible tokens (NFT). I do not need to explain why. Neither do I need to dissuade you. If you have complete faith in this virtual hype and are adamant about the validity of NFT and you happen to be a super fan of Anime Ultraman, …

Netflix’s Ultraman Anime Is Not For Everyone But Season 2 Does Look Pretty Dope

First release on Netflix in April 2019, the anime version of Ultraman is not for purists. It is not the gigantic alien ass-kicker in a rubber suit that we have known; the anime Ultraman is a regular person, who for some reason, is blessed with a superpower and wears an Iron Man-like exoskeleton suit (called …

Netflix Teamed Up With Tsuburaya Productions For CG-animated Ultraman Film

While we may not get to watch Shin Ultraman, there’s another Ultraman that is being developed that we will get to watch. Last month, Netflix has revealed that it has partnered with Tsuburaya Productions to develop a CG-animated feature film Ultraman.

Tsuburaya Productions Revealed Ultraman ‘Dark Heroes’ Themed Shoes For Children

You probably won’t know what Darkness Heels is unless you are a very serious Ultraman fan. Darkness Heels is like Justice League equivalent of Legion of Doom. That’s right, it is a band of villains from the Ultraman universe.

New Figure-rise Ultraman Action Figures Are Based Upcoming Ultraman Mobile Game

It is the weekend. Weekend means letting your hair down and letting your hair down means, toys. If you are not into toys, well, we ask that you to bear with us. Be magnanimous and put up with our childishness.

Tsuburaya Productions Is Selling Limited Edition Suit-size Ultraman Busts

Tsuburaya Productions created a series of busts based on the popular Ultraman series for Tsuburaya Convention held in December 2019. Fast forward a few months later, fans of Ultraman has the opportunity to bring home the said busts, officially called Ultraman Archives Classic Arts Suit Size Bust.

Ultraman VR Adventure Wants You To “Research” Giant Kaiju, Not Fight It

Science Patrol is the fictional organization in the Ultraman series that defends Earth from invading aliens and giant monsters. If there’s an Ultraman-themed VR thrill ride, you’d expect riders to be part of Science Patrol, experiencing the Ultraman vs. giant kaiju first hand and in unreal close proximity.