Here’s The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Official Trailer. Yes. We Almost Forgotten About It!

With The Flash movie behind us, we thought that’s it for DC in 2023 as far as Justice League heroes go but there is a movie we have mostly forgotten. In fact, we almost had a Mandela Effect with this movie as most of us have thought it was shown in theaters and we had …

Apple TV Dropped Teaser For Monarch: Legacy of Monsters TV Series!

Rejoice, fans of Godzilla because before the next Japanese Gojira flick lands on the U.S. shores, there is yet another Godzilla entertainment for you to sink your teeth in. Behold the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, a spin-off TV series from Legendary’s Godzilla, featuring the scientific organization.

Godzilla Minus One Film Official Trailer, Will Hit The U.S. Theaters On December 01

Godzilla does not seem to be able to die in the films. Meanwhile, in the real world, this immortality applies to the franchise too, which had no less than 36 films and counting. We will never really see the last of it, really. Speaking of which, there is another Godzilla flick coming your way.

There’s Going To Be A New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie And Thankfully, It Isn’t Live-action!

A good movie or TV trailer makes 2 minutes feel like seconds. But somehow, the 2.28 minutes trailer of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem movie felt forever. Anyways, so, yes, there is going to be yet another TMNT movie but thankfully, it ain’t live-action.

A Look Ahead To Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

The next Mission: Impossible movie will be the seventh in the series starring Tom Cruise, and it promises more of the amazing stunts and globe-trotting spy intrigue that we’ve seen in the previous films in the franchise. What else can we expect from it and will it be a success?

Here’s The First Official Trailer Of Barbie The Movie

We all know that Barbie is making the jump to the silver screen in a new live-action film directed by Greta Gerwig (Little Woman). Now we know how the story is going to play out, thanks to the first official trailer. As always, turn back if spoilers offend you because this trailer is definitely a …

Believe It Or Not, Sony PlayStation’s GRAN TURISMO Video Game Has A Movie

It is not new to see video games get turned into movies but soon there’s a movie inspired by a game that you never thought would make a movie material and that video game is, believe it or not, GRAN TURISMO.  That’s right. There’s going to be a movie on the real racing simulator.

Here’s The Flash Official Trailer 2 And It Has A Lot Of Keaton In It

If you haven’t already heard, Warner Bros. dropped the second official trailer for The Flash yesterday. As before, if you are anal about spoilers, you should turn away now. If you are still here then I assume all’s good? Anyways, the first trailer offered a hint of Batmans, both the original live-action Keaton-Bat and the …

Netflix Dropped Anime Ultraman Final Season Official Trailer

The anime Ultraman is a different ball game. It envisioned a world where monsters and humans lived alongside each other. Not going to lie. It takes some accustoming coming from the live-action era of Ultraman that the warrior of light not only wears an Iron Man-like exoskeleton suit with Centurions’ equipment teleportation tech but also …