WESN Microblade 3.0 Pocket Knife: The Best Just Got Even Better!

When we first came across WESN, it was all thanks to a charming little fella known as the WESN Microblade. Ever since that fateful day, Microblade has been synonymous with WESN. Just as the original iPhone is iconic to Apple, the Microblade is the quintessential representation of WESN.

NITECORE MH12 Pro Is The First Flashlight To Be Outfitted With An LED Designed Specifically For Flashlight

NiteLab, a sister company of NITECORE, has introduced an innovative LED specifically designed for flashlights, known as the Ultra High-Intensity LED or UHi LED. This marks a significant advancement in flashlight technology. Until now, flashlight manufacturers have relied on general-purpose LEDs, which often necessitated larger flashlight heads to achieve optimal performance.

G1 Optimus Prime – Specifically, The Head – Has Been Turned Into A Stress-relieving Fidget Toy

There are countless Transformers collectibles in the market but I’m pretty sure that you never see this coming: a G1 Optimus Prime Collectible Action Figurine from Killerbody that, believe it or not, has a removable head that doubles as a stress-relieving fidget tool.

WESN Is Giving Away A Buscadero Motorcycle And A Lifetime Supply Of WESN Gear!

For the uninitiated, Father’s Day was started way back in 1910 in the state of Washington. I know. Some say that these “days” are corporate creations to make us spend. Even so, you can’t deny it is one day the world, or at least most parts of the world, that we direct attention to fatherhood, …

MagCutor Super Tiny Magnetic Quick-release Cutter: Stop Using Your Keys To Open Boxes

Opening boxes with a key will be a thing of the past – thanks to this everyday carry called MagCutor. The name is actually pretty clever. It is a subtle hint of what it is: it is magnetic and it is a cutter. Or you could say it is magnetic and it is cute. It …

Path-22 Is An Interchangeable Coin-sized Compass That Can Clip Onto Your Jacket’s Zipper

You probably don’t need to know that if the sun is on your left in the morning, it is likely that you are facing South, and also you do not need to use stars to determine the cardinal directions because we have Maps that give all sorts of information. But electronics can fail or run …

WESN The Real Fun Henry & Co. Looks Like An Heirloom-Worthy Knife

Knife maker WESN has just let someone transform their non-locking slip-joint pocket knife into an heirloom-worthy knife. WESN has invited artist Daren Thomas Magee aka Real Fun, Wow! to infuse his art style into the Henry to result in this: WESN The Real Fun Henry & Co.

Keyport Slide 4.0 Is More Than A Key Organizer. It Is A Multi-Tool

Remember the revolutionary key organizer/key fob/everyday carry called Keyport? Well, it is back with a new version, dubbed Keyport Slide 4.0. Billed as the Keyport’s most advanced everyday carry tool yet, the Keyport Slide 4.0 is an all-metal key organizer that consolidates your keys, pocket tools (yes, even those!), and smart tech into an easy-to-carry …

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