I am pretty sure a shisha is the last thing you expect to see coming from Porsche Design but here it is the Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha. Well, what can we say? It is the Shisha 2.1 with the unmistakable Porsche Design styling.

Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha Smoking Paraphernalia

The Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha features a bowl that is made of solid, hand-blown glass in dark gray color while the pipe steam, base, valve, windshield, and mouthpiece are brushed, anodized aluminum. And oh, it has got leather too. Well, I mean, synthetic leather. The faux leather can be found on the hose.

Rounding up the feature list is a heat-resistant ceramic tobacco head out. Now, you gotta agree that this is a stunning piece of smoking paraphernalia.

And at 730 mm (29″) tall, this little guy sure commands a lot of attention. It would make for a good display piece in any Porsche owner’s home even for non-Shisha smokers.

Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha Smoking Paraphernalia

The device is said to be easy to clean due to its “intelligent design” though no specifics were provided.

The Porsche Design 2.1 Shisha is made in Germany and it is available now for a cool US$2,200. It comes in a choice of silver and black finish.

Disclaimer: we do not encourage smoking. Let’s be honest. Introducing any foreign substance other than air into our lungs can never be good, Shisha or not. Products like this are for existing smokers or collectors of shisha and/or Porsche Design.

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Images: Porsche Design.

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