Jabba The Hutt and Salvaged Stormtrooper Popcorn Buckets

Folks, it is official. We have entered the Golden Era of popcorn buckets. In fact, it started last year when Transformers: Rise of the Beasts hit the theaters. But it did not become a fad until the rather controversial Dune 2 popcorn bucket earlier this year. And there is no stopping after that. Last month we saw the Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Bucket, and now we heard two super collectible Star Wars-themed popcorn buckets are coming to Disneyland.

Jabba The Hutt and Salvaged Stormtrooper Popcorn Buckets

There is a popcorn bucket based on the helmet of a fallen stormtrooper, aptly called Salvaged Stormtrooper Helmet, and then there is the, IMHO, the star bucket: Jabba The Hutt. Thankfully, access to the bucket is nothing controversial; all you have to do is flip up the upper half of Jabba the Hutt’s head.

Unfortunately, a scantily clad Princess Leia is not part of the bucket. There is the Salacious Crumb, though, chained to Jabba and it can also double as a keychain. The popcorn bucket Jabba the Hutt comes with a carrying strap complete with Star Wars branding and we read that it has sound effects too.

Jabba The Hutt and Salvaged Stormtrooper Popcorn Buckets

As for the Salvaged Stormtrooper Helmet, because it is an abandoned helmet, access is via the bottom where it has a flap to keep the opening covered. The helmet is decorated with distressed to better depict its status as a salvaged helmet.

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We heard the popcorn buckets will be available at Disneyland starting April 05, 2024. However, no words on the pricing.

Images: Disney Resort.