Blue Reflex Helmet Tote By Dingyun Zhang: Well, It Is A Bag, And It Is, Ermmm, Wearable?

If a tote bag is burdening your one shoulder, you can consider switching shoulder, or you could try carrying it as a backpack, or perhaps even wearing it over your head. Oh, your tote bag can’t do that? Well, this one can. Folks, meet the Limited Edition Helmet Tote by Dingyun Zhang.

Make Your HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack Screen-accurate With The Rothco ALICE LC-1 Frame

The HasLab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Proton Pack is screen-accurate as far as the Proton Pack goes but not quite in the wear department. Out of the box, it has lower back padding and pair of straps with a waist strap which is clearly not screen-accurate as far as wear goes. That said, if you …

Funko Scarlet Witch Loungefly Mini Backpack And Glow Funko Pop Figure: Adorably Angry!

Who’s down for one or two cute Scarlet Witch collectibles? If you are, then you may want to check out the just-released Exclusive Scarlet Witch Lounge Bag and Funko Pop collectible figure. The figure is based on when Scarlet Witch goes all out bonkers to find her kids.

Dyson Makes Backpack Now But It Is Not For What You Think It Is

Dyson has reworked its existing sensing technology used in its air purifiers incorporated into a backpack which allows the backpack to double as an air sensing device. Over 300 primary school students and 12 teachers from six schools in Melbourne’s inner west will carry the Dyson Air Quality Backpacks for four days in a pioneering …

Iconic Tomy Gacha Machine Turned Into A Backpack Complete With Transparent Window

Capsule toys, or gacha, which originated in the United States, were brought into Japan in the 60s. In a strange development, it became a sensation and a pop culture thing, perhaps due in part to the higher value toy included in each capsule. If you are a fan of the Japanese gachapon, specifically those from …

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