Marcher 3-way Bag: It’s A Sacoche, A Tote, And A Backpack

If you have a bag for each occasion, you would have amassed a number by now. Whether or not you have a burgeoning closet full of bags or getting there, it is not too late to cut back. You know, for the sake of the closet, the wallet, and the environment.

The Back9 Golf Backpack: You Can Finally have A Golf Bag That Is Actually A Backpack!

One of the issues with golfing is that you need a car with a trunk big enough to fit a standard size golf bag. One of my previous cars, a Renault Clio from 2000, can’t without putting down the split-fold seat. But that’s a problem to brood about if you drive. If you don’t (drive), …

The Batman x Fossil Collection: Wrist Watches, Bags, And More

I don’t recall if any of the Batman movies were this enthusiastic about pushing merchandise. But as far as Matt Reeves’ The Batman goes, it is relentless in pushing out The Batman-branded merchandise. Just look at the collectibles, toys, and timepieces, it has announced so far. They are a lot by any movies’ standard, IMHO.

FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack: Perfect For Roaming The Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Hong Kong-based bag maker FX Creations has given its high-tech AGS Pro backpack the Evangelion spin. Part of the greater Evangelion x FX Creations Collection, the FX Creations EVA Test Type-01 AGS Pro Backpack features details that reference the armors that restraint the true nature of the EVA Unit-01 (read: super cool).

Targus Cypress Hero Backpack Has Integrated Tracker, Uses Apple Find My Technology

I never understand how anyone could misplace a big thing like a backpack. But hey, things happen and if it does happen, it would be easy to trace where it is – if the bag in question is the Targus Cypress Hero Backpack with Apple Find My Tech.

JD Partnered With Pokémon GO For JD-exclusive Inspired Avatar Items

UK-based international sports-fashion retailer, JD, has partnered with Pokémon GO to create 300 PokéStops across the U.K. and Europe. In addition, Pokémon GO players aka trainers can collect exclusive avatar items inspired by JD-exclusive Nike apparel by spinning the PokéStop and tapping the Nike items.

Filson Ripstop Nylon Pullman Bag: It’s Kind Of An Upmarket, Military-Vibe Bag

I am the kind you will find hitting up army surplus shop ogling at the variety of military bags every chance I’ve got. If you share the same passion as me, but prefer something a little more upmarket, then the Filson Ripstop Nylon Pullman Bag is for you.

Balenciaga Partnered With NASA For NASA Space Parka And Space Backpack

Despite its namesake, the Balenciaga x NASA Space Parka isn’t made for space. However, like China’s Lunar and Deep Space Exploration x McDonald’s China jacket, you do not need to be a member of the space agency, or an astronaut to own one.

That’s Not A Cat Hanging On The Back Of A Mannequin, It’s A Cat Backpack

Remember the Japanese bag maker Pico Cat Production that makes incredibly life-like cat bags? The company has never stop doing so, but recently, it kind up stir up the Internet again, this time with a backpack.That’s right, folks. The picture you see above is not an animal cruelty caught in the act. It is a …