The HasLab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Proton Pack is screen-accurate as far as the Proton Pack goes but not quite in the wear department. Out of the box, it has lower back padding and pair of straps with a waist strap which is clearly not screen-accurate as far as wear goes. That said, if you want it to a super screen accurate, well then you will need to complete it with an ALICE Frame.

HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack Rothco ALICE LC-1 Frame

For the uninitiated, the HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack comes supplied with a bunch of mounting hardware including brackets, screws, and spacers. The hardware is included so that fans who want a movie-accurate look can install an LC-1 ALICE Frame (sold separately).

There are a few replica LC-1 ALICE frames in the market but if you want a true screen-accurate setup, you will want to opt for the Rothco ALICE LC-1 frame. This Rothco ALICE LC-1 frame is believed to be the one used with Spengler’s Proton Pack in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

The Rothco ALICE LC-1 frame comes ready to be installed with the hardware included with the HasLab Proton Pack and the frame itself is complete with straps, paddings, and belt accessories. The HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack Rothco ALICE LC-1 Frame not only makes the entire setup look like the film’s but it will make wearing it more comfortable.

HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack Rothco ALICE LC-1 Frame

If you are down, you can pick up the HasLab Ghostbusters Proton Pack Rothco ALICE LC-1 Frame from SaberMach for US$89.

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You can also find the frame on for US$87.99, and on for US$69.99.

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Images: Rothco/SaberMach.

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