Jason Voorhees Face Mask

Since wearing face mask is part of life now, why not do it in a way that fits your personality. And if your personality is a psychotic killer like Jason Voorhees, then the Jason Voorhees Half Hockey Protective Face Mask by Etsy seller TheHorrorCrypt is for you (and stay away from me, you psycho!).

Jason Voorhees Face Mask

Do note that this custom Friday The 13th face mask is NOT a medical-grade face mask, but as I have mentioned many times over, some kind of protection is better than none at all. Besides, Jason Voorhees Face Mask does come with a filter pocket for a disposal filter to better protect you and others.

Plus, TheHorrorCrypt is including a disposal filter to get you started.

Jason Voorhees Face Mask essentially protective hockey mask cleverly re-purposed for this unprecedented time. Not sure about the comfort level and face seal, but it does come with a comfy elastic strap.

You can find TheHorrorCrypt’s Jason Voorhees Face Mask on Etsy selling for US$34.99.

As for the filter, you can find it being sold on Amazon if you need more.

Images: Etsy (TheHorrorCrypt).

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