So, you think social distancing is bullshit? Well, we ask that you think again and also ask that you watch New York Timesbrilliant 3D simulation which demonstrated why social dismantling is of utmost importance.

3D Simulation Shows Importance of Social Distancing

The simulation is created based on a scientific simulation. While the said scientific simulation it was based on has not been peer reviewed yet, it does provide us with an idea how droplets can propagate through coughing and sneezing, and even through regular breathing and talking. Yes. Even those. Yikes.

Trust me, if you haven’t already feeling wary when people are speaking without face mask on, you will after watching this visualization.

Seriously, the importance of social distancing and wearing a face mask whenever you need to step out of your house cannot be overstated.

3D Simulation Shows Importance of Social Distancing

So, go ahead and get yourself schooled on how coronavirus that said to ride on droplets may spread. Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe. Lets all hope that this will be over soon with as little casualties as possible.

P.S. Usually, we need to pay to read New York Times, but during this pandemic, New York Times is offering free reading on coronavirus related news. However, you do need to register to see the aforementioned 3D simulation. If you are uncomfortable with that, then skip the article and simulation. There’s an alternative posted on YouTube, but I am pretty sure it will be pulled in no time because, copyright.

3D Simulation Shows Importance of Social Distancing

Images and source: New York Times.

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