Working at home, as some realized, is not as charming as many have imagined it to be. It is fine when there’s no video conference or call conference. But when there is, suddenly phone started ringing, pets coming forward demanding attention and worst, kids screaming at the top of their lungs.

Volkswagen Sharan Office on Wheels

Lets not forget that what if your feline friend climb on top of you when you are having a meeting over Zoom? With this in mind, Volkswagen jumped on the opportunity to entice you to turn its MPV, aka minivan, the Sharan, into an office on wheels.

The automaker proposed relocating your work to a nearby place with a nice view. With the versatile seating configuration, the marque suggests that the cup holders, side pockets, glove box, and folding front passenger seat will come handy for coffee cups and water bottles, as wells documents.

Though, VW is careful to remind you that you get to a place with mobile signal.

It also suggests to use the folding seat in the center or use one of the folding tables fitted to the front seats as a desk.

Volkswagen Sharan Office on Wheels

Thanks to the interior space, you can stretch your legs and even lay back a little to enjoy the sky through the tilting panoramic sunroof when you need to take a break.

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There are USB ports onboard to keep devices juiced, as well as an optional 230 V socket for laptops and smartphones. Using We Connect Go app, you will be in the know of the exact amount of energy remain in the car battery, so you won’t be left a conked out battery when need to drive off.

Interesting pitch, Volkswagen. But you guys forgot about the issue of bathroom…. I think a RV will be a better option if you ask me.

All images courtesy of Volkswagen AG.

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