Face mask is a 100% protection against the coronavirus. But like I have said before, having a face mask is better than not having any at all. However, in addition to face mask, there is a new gadget that will introduced an additional layer of protection and that is the Purus Air i Plus Personal Air Purifier.

Purus has been making air purifiers for quite sometime and with this latest device, it promised to remove harmful airborne nasties, including smoke and smog, pet dander, dust, pollen and mold.

Purus Air i Plus Personal Air Purifier

And it does so all without the use of filter and it is portable, so air purification is always around you. Purus said Air i Plus has an effective diameter of a meter (3.3 feet) and it is silent enough for you to sleep beside it. This portable thermos size air purifier claims to be effective even with viruses which are often smaller than 0.1 microns.

Here’s how it works:

“Through a process of plasma discharge, we apply as much as 4000 volts to our patented spiral wire-on-plate, killing bacteria, mold, and virus. The high voltage, in turn, charges the air electrically and ionizes it in the process. When small particles including pollen, dust or dander flow between the plate, they get charged and attached to the collecting plate. This method could effectively eliminate 99% of the airborne particles and germs.”

Other features include 3 preset speeds, 10-level intensity toggle (via app), mute button for quiet and distraction-free operation, built-in LED monitor, automotive “turbo” mode if environment is extremely polluted, and a rechargeable good for 10 hours of operation and rechargeable in car, with laptop and power bank.

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Each Purus Air i Plus Personal Air Purifier comes with a reusable pod which you can introduce activated carbon, zeolite or other materials to remove VOCs such as odor like cigarette smell.

Purus Air i Plus Personal Air Purifier is available on Kickstarter for $128-135.

Purus Air i Plus Personal Air Purifier

All images courtesy of Purus.

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