One Less Thing To Carry: A Backpack With A Built-in Rain Jacket

getting caught in a sudden downpour sucks. getting caught in the rain and getting drenched because your rain jacket is on your back, in the backpack is, well, unfortunate. sudden downpour has no mercy. it will come raining down, leaving you little or no time to react. if you are near a shelter, then count …

Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon

though this is a predominantly a man-orientated tech lifestyle website, we do appreciate awesome ladies’ gears too and the Fashionable Weatherproof Outerwear By Mia Melon is one such example of our appreciation. based in Vancouver, BC, Mia Melon has been rocking weatherproof coats for ladies for quite sometime now and the firm is ready to …

The Waxed Anorak – Jacket For Unlikely Conditions

unlikely is defined as ‘not likely to happen’, but that does not mean it will not. when you are exploring the wild under the cover of the summer’s warm, it is unlikely to rain but it is never guaranteed, and for those unlikely conditions, there is the Waxed Anorak, a jacket designed for…

Gerber x Bear Grylls The Ultimate Survival Pack

we have featured quite a handful of survivalist icon Bear Grylls and Gerber collaborations including the awesome canteen and the scout essentials kit et cetera, but if you are looking to bag the whole lot that Gerber and Bear Grylls have to offer (trust me, Gerber and Bear Grylls have tons of survival gear for

2013 Bear Grylls Survival Series by Gerber

envy the survival skills of celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls? sadly, not everyone has that sort of aptitude like Grylls has. fortunately, Grylls has teamed up with Gerber Gear yet again and release a bunch of survival essentials to give the edge when disaster strikes. included in the line up of the 2013 Bear Grylls Survival Series