unlikely is defined as ‘not likely to happen’, but that does not mean it will not. when you are exploring the wild under the cover of the summer’s warm, it is unlikely to rain but it is never guaranteed, and for those unlikely conditions, there is the Waxed Anorak, a jacket designed for those ‘unlikely conditions’ – be it braving the Chilean rainforest or up against a storm in the open water. made in the USA from 6.25 oz. waxed cotton, the Waxed Anorak features an ergonomic three-piece hood that keeps the elements out from your head and neck, while a layer of moleskin provides comfort for your face. why? because when the going gets tough, it is time to make sure your pretty face braves through it unscathed and also, you don’t want to be breathing in fibers, do you?

The Waxed Anorak - Jacket For Unlikely Conditions

other details include double-entry, reinforced and expandable pockets hip/front/waist pockets, raglan sleeve for comfort and not hindering your movements (cos’ seams can be such a pain in the butt, don’t you think?), adjustable sleeve cuffs, 2-way main brass zipper, concealed chest zipper pockets and the whole setup is bartack reinforced for durability. also incorporated are double mesh ventilation eyelets to ensure breathability, which translates to a comfortable wear regardless of the conditions. additionally, the Waxed Anorak can be re-waxed to ensure rain protection is maintained throughout a lifetime. makes sense, cos’ the last thing you want is to be chugging out a $375 jacket when the waterproofing goes poof.

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