This is it. We are officially in the dark ages of Internet because, there is now a book that teaches you all about memes (note: not an approved school textbook). If you are not bothered by how humanity and the wonderful Internet have spiraled into the meme age, but instead, embrace memes as a way of life, then you are going to love this book: The Memeing of Life: A Journey Through the Delirious World of Memes (Laurence King Publishing, ISBN-13 978-1786275189).

This 160-page paperback is a meme encyclopedia packing all that you need to know about the world of Internet memes. Whether you are novice to memes or a veteran, or a “scientific” person curious about what makes memes tick or just wanted a good laugh, The Memeing of Life is for you.

From basic memes to animal memes to political memes, this book has the world of memes covered. Seriously, it has 160 pages worth and why wouldn’t it have everything to date covered? Master this meme literature and you’d be a bona fide Internet meme historian.

If you ready to dive into the world of memes, or further your mastery in the art of memeing, you can pick up the The Memeing of Life on Amazon for $17.99 or if you are in the U.K., you can acquire it from Firebox for £12.99.

Images: Laurence King Publishing.

Hat tip: This Is Why I’m Broke.

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