if there’s anything that we learnt from Bear Grylls is we are having a too comfortable life and we thank him (or should it be Discovery?) for showing us the ropes for survival, albeit some methods being rather overly gross. hence, we welcome any product that have Grylls nod of approval and even more so if it bears his name (a name that’s synonymous with survival) on them, such as this awesome Gerber Bear Grylls Canteen. inspired by classic military canteen, this BG iteration features a nesting cup just like its military counterpart but in a more stylish copper tone colorway, a BPA free water bottle with a leak proof lock top, and a textured exterior for enhanced grip even with gloves on and wraps up with a snug fitting nylon sheath with belt loop. the nesting cup is made of food grade aluminum with heat resistant silicone handles and the canteen itself holds up to 1-liter of fluid. the Gerber x Bear Grylls Canteen retails for $25.93 each. another look after the break.

Gerber x Bear Grylls Canteen

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