Stormtrooper BBQ/Fire Pit by Scrap Art Artist

Hebei, China-based Scrap Art Artist has created a Stormtrooper Fire Pit out of metal. I am sure he ain’t the first, but it is probably the first Stormtrooper fire pit that is also a handy BBQ pit.

The top part of the helmet flips open to reveal a BBQ grill. Moreover, it is 100% customized with Hebei’s love for sweet potatoes in mind. For the uninitiated, sweet potatoes cooked in a burning pit is very much an age old tradition in many parts of Asian countries.

With this BBQ grill, sweet potatoes can be introduced into the fiery pit through the right “ear” of the helmet. Sweet potatoes are placed in an extendable tube on the right side of the pit. The sweet potatoes placed in the tube will be bathed in the fire while other grill food remains on top on the aforementioned BBQ grill.

The “mask” of the Stormtrooper can be opened to facilitate putting of firewood. Finally, the Stormtrooper BBQ/Fire Pit is complete with a three legs for elevated support and a chimney up top for smoke to escape.

This Stormtrooper BBQ/Fire Pit by Scrap Art Artist was created way back in late 2019. While the Scrap Art Artist has an online store, it does not appear to sell it.

Stormtrooper BBQ/Fire Pit by Scrap Art Artist

If you are so incline, Burned by Design – the outfit responsible for the AT-AT BBQ grill – is selling a Stormtrooper Wood Burner (US$737.11) on Etsy. However, Burned by Design’s iteration does not appear to do BBQ.

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Images: Weibo (@废旧艺术尸).